CAA VIPs: Meet Alina!

CAA VIPs: Meet Alina!

2021-06-27T16:22:31-04:00June 27th, 2021|Capital Analytics Associates, HR|

Writer: Blanca Estrada

2 min read June 2022Alina, executive director for Capital Analytics, speaks on how her previous experiences have shaped her and prepared her for her current role. She also touches upon people who have inspired her during her time as an Executive Director. 

How did you originally find the position of Executive Director at Capital Analytics?

It’s interesting because Abby Melone originally reached out to me via LinkedIn. She saw my profile, and I think she saw my previous experience in sales for similar media platforms. I also had an international career for many years, so when she approached me about this opportunity, I was very intrigued! 

You worked in different countries throughout your career. How have these experiences shaped you?

I started working in sales when I was 18, and I was still in school studying business management and journalism. During that time, my friend told me about a job in Romania and that I should apply. I ended up applying to the job for fun, and I received the position. Throughout all of my 20s, I was doing sales through the phone, and I spent most of my time in Asia. Once I reached my 30s, I got a new sales job similar to what I’m doing now. For that job, everything I learned I had to apply in-person, but it was different because you needed a poker face. 

Outside of your current position with CAA, which previous work experience has been your favorite?

My favorite one was in Turkey. I had a project in Turkey for five months. I mainly liked it because Turkish people know how to negotiate. It’s a different culture, and the approach to the process is different. It’s not as straightforward as in western countries. I spent five hours trying to negotiate with them. We consumed all the coffee and chocolates they gave us. They also brought in the finance manager, marketing manager, and HR manager. And at the end of it, I left with a deal.

How have people inspired you during your time at Capital Analytics?

First of all, I’m a feminist. I’m inspired by women because I resonate with them. The thing I love about Capital Analytics is that it’s led by a woman, Abby. 

I’m also inspired when I’m doing interviews with strong female leaders. Nowadays, the sky’s the limit for women. I’m inspired by the drive. Women are leading the path for others, and they’re showing us what can be done. You can choose whether you want to follow that path.

What makes you happy?

Overall, I’m a happy person because I have a lot to be grateful for. There are days where I criticize myself and say, “I should be doing better.” However, I stop myself and say, “Stop. Look around. You have a lot to be grateful for.” In reality, I need to get out of my head, but I think that happens to all of us, which is why I exercise. If I don’t get exercise, I don’t function. On the weekends, I like to have wine. I also try to go out in the sun, and I also love to visit my nephews. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Are there any goals you want to achieve?

Yes, there are some goals I want to achieve; however, they aren’t your classic ones. I want to be rich, have money, be able to travel, but most of all, I want to be fit. As a woman, aging is different for us, and it’s not talked about enough. I’m already preparing myself. I hope I can still be as happy and free as I am. Also, I hope I can maintain a level of fitness because it makes life better when you’re good with yourself. Hopefully, I’ll be wiser by then as well.