And the relocation winner is … Nashville

And the relocation winner is … Nashville

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Writer: Joey Garrand

healthcare2 min read May 2021 — Home to more than 500 healthcare companies and nearly 400 professional services firms dedicated to the sector, the Nashville MSA is one of the world’s great healthcare ecosystems. Amid a regional economic boom, four more related companies have announced plans to plant their headquarters here.

Nashville itself and Franklin are the two destinations for the latest corporate relocations. While Nashville is the primary hub of economic activity in Upper Middle Tennessee, Williamson County, specifically Franklin, is known for its thriving healthcare industry and corporate footprint. 

Here are the companies and their reasons for choosing the Nashville MSA.


DARVIS, otherwise known as Data Analytic Real-World Visual Intelligence System, uses artificial intelligence to automate procedures in the healthcare industry, such as managing medical inventory, patient hygiene, and facility bed availability. The company recently announced that it is moving its corporate headquarters from California to Nashville.

In explaining the reasoning for the relocation, co-Founder Jan Schlueter stated, “The Concentration of healthcare systems and the vast experience of healthcare stakeholders in Nashville made the city the perfect place to move our headquarters.”

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HST Pathways

HST Pathways provides solutions to run and grow ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), creating software to streamline scheduling, surgery operations, billing and collections operations, among other tasks. In early May, the company announced it had decided to move its headquarters from California to Nashville.

According to CEO Tom Hui, Nashville’s presence as a leading hub for healthcare companies and innovation attracted a satellite office of HST in 2016. The city’s quality of life, Tennessee’s friendly business practices, and the lack of a state income tax motivated the upgrade of Nashville from a satellite to headquarters.

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Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc.

Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (ACH) is the largest county jail healthcare provider in the United States. It operates healthcare teams and customized programs in a variety of correctional settings, including county jails, juvenile detention centers, mental health units, work release centers and drug rehabilitation centers. In late April, it was made public by Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and Commissioner Bob Rolfe that the company was relocating its headquarters from Illinois to Franklin.

In commenting on the reasoning for the relocation, Jessica Young, president and CEO of ACH touched on taxes as a contributing factor. “Advanced Correctional Healthcare is growing – and so are Illinois’ taxes, some of the highest in the nation! Our team looks forward to lower taxes, lower cost of living and top-rated schools. We are deeply grateful for the State of Tennessee and Williamson County’s support. We will work hard to give Tennessee a positive return on its investment in us!”

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Landmark Recovery

Landmark Recovery offers the full spectrum of treatment services available for drug and alcohol dependency, both through inpatient and outpatient plans. Fifteen days after Nov. 5, the day when Arizona approved a tax increase, the company announced it was moving its headquarters from Arizona, landing in Franklin. 

Williamson County’s “exceptional quality of life” and “highly educated workforce,” were reasons for the relocation, according to CEO Matt Boyle, as well as the lower cost of doing business and proximity to an international airport. Boyle further explained in an interview with the Nashville Business Journal, “Nashville really is the healthcare hub in the U.S., especially when you talk about organizations like us that aspire to be nationwide and build scalable companies. The ones that do exist are almost all in Nashville.”

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