About Capital Analytics

Capital Analytics is an integrated media platform that produces in-depth business intelligence through its annual print and digital economic reviews, high-impact conferences and events and top-level interviews via its video platform, Invest: Insights.

Annual investor guides

Capital Analytics’ in-depth print and digital economic reviews feature top-level analysis on key issues facing the markets we cover while highlighting exclusive insights of prominent industry leaders. They are produced with two goals in mind: 1) to provide comprehensive investment knowledge to external investors and the global business community, and 2) to promote each market that we cover as a place to invest and do business.

The books conduct a deep dive into the top economic sectors in the markets we cover (Construction & Real Estate; Trade & Logistics; Transportation; Banking & Finance; Technology & Innovation; Fintech; Health; Education; Retail; Tourism; Entertainment, Arts & Media; Sports; Environment; Infrastructure; Utilities; Legal; Accounting). They analyze the leading challenges facing the market, as well as cover emerging opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and innovators to take advantage of.

Over the course of a six-month research period, our on-the-ground teams meet with over 200 top senior-level executives in intimate, one-on-one discussions. These executives come from a broad spectrum of industries, including government, and the perspectives collected from these exclusive discussions became the basis of the contents of each issue.

Our reports have a global readership  – if you’re serious about business, you are reading our report.

Our publications are widely read locally, nationally and globally. Aside from our strong subscriber base, the reports are distributed at trade and investment boards, executives of Fortune 500 companies, institutional investors, consulates and embassies, as well as high-level summits and conferences.

High-impact conference series

Capital Analytics hosts invite-only, VIP conferences and events where C-suite executives convene to discuss key opportunities and challenges facing the markets in which they operate in order to start discussions on how to make the market a more attractive place to build business.

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Capital Analytics puts industry leaders in front of the camera in its video platform Invest:Insights. Click on the video below to view a featured CEO.

Launch of Invest: Tampa Bay